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GST battle is just 10% of the online retailing picture

The question of imposing GST on online retail sales from overseas websites has periodically made its way into headlines in recent years and it has once again in recent weeks. So does the GST-threshold really need to be lowered?

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Decision on GST changes remain on hold for Christmas leaving retailers disappoin

The decision to close the GST loophole on imported goods valued at less than $1000 has not been made; instead has been delayed until March next year.

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Federal government to 'spring clean' Australian tax system

The federal government has announced it aims to restore "integrity" into the Australian tax system by looking at the backlog of unresolved tax reforms, including the GST threshold.

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Landlords demand for a fair go reigniting GST argument

Shopping Centre Council of Australian chairman Steven Sewell has urged the federal government to reduce the $1,000 GST low value threshold on imported goods.

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Tony Abbott announces new ministry, Bruce Billson to head Small Business

Bruce Billson has been elected Minister of Small Business as part of Tony Abbott's unveiling of the new federal cabinet.

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Coles, Woolworths: Lowered GST threshold is not the solution

Both Coles' Ian McLeod and Woolworth's Tjeerd Jegen have made clear that they do not believe lowering the GST threshold is the key to improving retail competitiveness.

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Retailers fear impact of IPC increase

Last week's federal budget left many retailers disappointed but digging further, the government has decided to increase the Import Processing Charge.

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Retailers urge govt to follow in U.S footsteps

The Australian Retailers Association is urging the Australian government to follow the US Senate's step on collecting tax on internet purchases.

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Australian retailers call for political support

The Australian Traders Group has called on all side of politics to support Australian retailers.

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GST changes won't stop online shopping

According to new research, changes to GST levels will not effect shopping habits

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Working group to look into GST

Following a meeting between all the State Treasurers, a working group will be established to complete the work on lowering the low value threshold.

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Govt progresses to cut GST

Retailers have welcomed the Gillard Government's decision to implement recommendations made by the LVT Processing Taskforce to reduce the $1000 GST threshold.

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Retailers welcome GST plans

Plans for the state government to lower the GST has been welcomed by the ARA.

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Low value import parcels: Change needed

The Federal Government has publicly released the final report of the Low Value Parcel Processing Taskforce, which suggested any streamlining of the processes involved in the handling of low value imported parcels would require significant change.

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Retail trade back down 0.1%

Following a 0.1 per cent rise in November 2011, the ABS has reported that retail trade figures for December, the most crucial month of trading, fell 0.1 per cent.

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Harvey Norman MD criticises govt "loophole"

Harvey Norman's managing director has criticised the Federal Government for “not closing the tax loophole” that allows consumers to purchase goods from overseas valued under $1000, without paying GST.

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It's not so much about tax, report says

The Productivity Commission has made it clear that the current level of the LVT only plays a minor in how retailers are competitively disadvantaged.

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Tax summit: Retailers demand GST changes

ANRA CEO Margy Osmond said if the government is serious about reform, lowering the threshold to $100 and enable retailers to compete on the global should be a key.

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Reforms needed, Productivity Commission says

The draft report - Economic Structure and Performance of the Australian Retail Industry - examines the implications of globalisation for the retail industry and the appropriateness of current policy settings.

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Govt can afford GST cut on imports

Documents released under FOI revealed that the government was planning to lower the GST importation threshold for overseas purchases from $1000 to $500 in October 2010.

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Fair Imports Alliance has its final say

The Fair Imports Alliance has called for the removal of the $1000 GST threshold as part of its submission to the Productivity Commission's inquiry into the retail sector

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Customs shows its cards

This comes after the Alliance had earlier criticised Customs for withholding the report ahead of deadline for submissions to the Productivity Commissions inquiry into the retail industry.

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Retailers sceptical about Customs

he Fair Imports Alliance is outraged that Customs is withholding a reporting containing the results of a three month crackdown in import rorts.

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Discussion raises questions

Opinions were shared and questions were raised during a discussion that was held by the NRA to address the need to close the GST loophole.

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Trade union backs up retailers

Retail trade union SDA has backed up retailers in their call for reducing the $1000 GST import threshold in its submission to the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into the retail sector.

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No proof, Fair Imports Alliance says

The Fair Imports Alliance has received written admission from the Customs and Border Protection Service that there is no proof to back-up that if the GST threshold was lowered, it would be economically and administratively unfeasible for the government.

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Harvey Norman launches daily deal site

Still retaining the Harvey Norman trademark logo and colours, steers away from the chain’s traditional offering of electronics and furniture goods.

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Inquiry addresses retailer's GST queries

The Productivity Commission, has released an issues paper to assist those preparing submissions into the public inquiry of the Australian retail industry's economic structure and performance.

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Harvey Norman gives into online pressure

Chairman Gerry Harvey of Harvey Norman has confirmed that the company will launch an online store in the next 12 months.

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Myer follows through on threat

Having previously made threats to launch a China-based retail website Myer has gone live with an experimental offshore online shopping site,

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NBN to help online retailing

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has called on Australian retailers to embrace the government’s NBN, which he believes is the "part of the solution" to reducing the gap between Australian retailers and its overseas counterparts in online retailing

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Consultation needed, Alliance says

The Fair Imports Alliance has raised concerns that the Customs and Border Protection Service's compliance campaign to crackdown on businesses and individuals rorting the importation regulations is lacking industry consultation regarding process.

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Round one: retail inquiry

The first rounds of submissions are being called for by the Productivity Commission as it prepares to undertake a public inquiry into the economic structure and performance of the retail.

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Quit now, retail group urges

The Fair Imports Alliance, which represents a collation of retail and wholesale industry associations, has called for an end to the big retailers’ GST campaign.

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GST-free weekend on

In response to the escalating row over imposing GST on international online sales, independent online IT retailer offered customers a GST-free weekend on goods.

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Growth in retail sales is not enough

Released on Monday, figures revealed that Australian retail turnover rose 0.3 per cent in November 2010, seasonally adjusted, following a revised fall of 0.8 per cent last October.

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NRA joins retail coalition bandwagon

Representing 3,700 retailers, the group joins the Australian retail giants including Myer, David Jones and Harvey Norman in a national campaign to pressure the federal government to level the retail playing field by closing the GST and duty loophole.

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Small players laugh at retail giants

Independent senator for South Australia Nick Xenephon has told Retailbiz those being hurt most in the GST advertising campaign are small businesses.

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GST is not to blame

Assistant treasurer Bill Shorten believes Australian retailers are exaggerating that the low value threshold on imported goods is responsible for the tough Christmas period.

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Aussie retailers demand a fair go

Myer, David Jones, Harvey Norman, Borders and Target are among those forming a coalition and declaring war against international online retailers.

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ARA wants equal level playing field

The ARA has welcomed the Productivity Commission’s Future of Australian Retail Inquiry and the government’s approach to evidence based policy.

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Inquiry into online retailing to begin

With more local retailers finding it tough to compete against international competitors in the online realm, the federal government has announced the Productivity Commission will launch an inquiry into the future of Australian retail.

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Kogan says this is a "hoax"

Ruslan Kogan from Kogan Technologies is calling out Gerry Harvey and Bernie Brookes on their bluff in regards to taking their e-commerce sites offshore to China.

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The GST debate

Following Gerry Harvey's comments to bring the GST threshold on imported goods down to apply on products worth less than $1000, Choice says it would be "poor policy".

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ARA urges for GST threshold review

Based on a Frost & Sullivan report, it is estimated that Australian consumers will spend in excess of $12 billion dollars online this year and almost half of that will be spent offshore.

Posted Wed 03/11/2010 12:00:00 / Read More »

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