SAP Emarsys is delivering a new AI Product Finder tool to transform how brands recommend products and personalise customer experiences.

Alongside its AI Subject Line Generator, this marks the beginning of a series of AI-powered solution updates to Omnichannel Masterclass, the company’s virtual event for marketers on June 12.   

The AI Product Finder enables intuitive search of a brand’s extensive product catalogue, allowing marketers and retailers to quickly locate and incorporate the most suitable products into their campaigns. Provided as an out-of-the-box solution for email marketing campaigns, the new Product Finder is designed to revolutionise how marketers find and recommend relevant products.

SAP Emarsys data shows a significant rise in consumer demand for AI in commerce, with almost half (47%) of shoppers saying AI has improved their retail experiences – up from 37% in 2023.

The research found that more than one-third (36%) of consumers believe AI has made shopping easier, 32% feel that AI is helping make their retail experiences more personal and 40% say AI helps them to find new products (up from 35% in 2023). In addition, 43% of shoppers want to see greater integration of AI into retail.

Nearly three quarters of Australian marketers (76%) have increased their investment in AI in 2024. Of these, 77% attribute a boost in customer engagement to AI, while 72% report a boost in customer loyalty. 

SAP Emarsys chief revenue officer, Thomas Harris said, “We are committed to an AI strategy that is trustworthy, ethical and empowering marketers to explore new realms of possibility in today’s marketing landscape. Through the integration of AI across our operations, SAP Emarsys aims to streamline intricate tasks, ensuring our clients are able to allocate their resources efficiently towards ROI and enhancing customer satisfaction.”

SAP Emarsys also reaffirmed its commitment to the EU AI Act, with Harris commenting, “Customer privacy and trust is at the centre of all our AI developments. In our AI focus group, several leading brands indicated their concerns around data usage and AI in marketing, underscoring our research highlighting that both consumers and marketers have the same concerns.

“SAP Emarsys has responded with our commitment to uphold the highest standards of effective, efficient data privacy and voice our support for the EU AI Act.”