Snapchat has announced a first-of-its-kind AR try-on experience to celebrate Cartier’s 100th anniversary of The Trinity Collection.

The Cartier Trinity Ring lens allows customers to discover the collection, try on the Classic Trinity Ring and shop wherever, whenever. Snapchat’s new ring try-on technology, coupled with Ray Tracing and Hand Tracking, makes it more precise and life-like as the ring follows hand movements.  

This technology was developed exclusively with Cartier. It uses machine learning to predict the 3D hand surface to better understand the shape of each individual hand.

In 2023, Snapchat introduced a shopping experience that brought the fourth iteration of the historic Tank Watch to life in AR. Snapchat also brought The Fabulous House campaign to new heights, leveraging sky segmentation technology to float the Cartier House behind Snapchatters to capture holiday-themed selfies.  

Starting soon, this technology will be available to AR creators and developers in Lens Studio, and will run on iOS and Android devices.

Snap Inc global head of luxury, Geoffrey Perez said, “The Cartier Trinity Lens marks yet another milestone in Cartier’s long-standing partnership with Snapchat, demonstrating the brand’s confidence in our ability to reach important audiences in innovative ways.

“We’re excited to introduce Snap’s new ring try-on technology in partnership with Cartier, making the experience more precise and life-like than ever before.”

Cartier senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Arnaud Carrez said, “For the 100th anniversary of Trinity, we partnered with Snap to develop an exclusive ring try-on that would bring this universal icon to life in AR and allow everyone to join the celebration.”

To find the Cartier Trinity Ring Lens, visit Cartier’s profile on Snapchat available globally on iOS and Android.