Retail is an increasingly competitive market as shoppers become more cost-conscious and purposeful with their store visits, which is why finding ways to enhance the in-store experience is critical.

Well-designed and aesthetically inviting stores can help attract and retain new customers, while encouraging return customers. By using large format displays, brands can establish a more prominent presence, promote products and experiences on offer in store, and potentially drive higher foot traffic and increase basket size.

Across industries, including retail, Samsung offers large format displays up to 98-inches with a new focus on LED, which is growing in popularity among retailers due to its customisable and bright format to deliver stunning and engaging content.

Samsung’s Indoor LED displays are designed to provide brilliant visual expression of campaigns and brand content with consistent visibility in variable lighting conditions. LED products are flexible and can be customised to fit specific space requirements, creating a bespoke design for each store.

Samsung’s Outdoor LED captures customers’ attention with high quality display technology for brands to extend their message beyond the business, whether in the storefront window or outside. The range provides optimal visibility and an IPX5 rating for light water resistance[1] .

Lotte Duty Free boosts customer engagement

Leading global luxury retailer for international travellers, Lotte Duty Free collaborated with Samsung Pro Display for the opening of its first Sydney store in the heart of the CBD in 2022.

Double-sided digital displays were installed in the front windows for viewing day and night, from both inside and outside the store, to help capture the attention of passerbys, and maintain engagement.

The displays needed to be large and bright, but also sleek, to match the high-end luxury stores aesthetic.

Eight Samsung Dual-Sided Window Displays and a Samsung LED Display were installed in the Lotte Duty Free Sydney store. The dual-sided display’s window facing screen is 3,000 nit brightness for clear visuals, even in peak sunlight, and the internal side is 1,000 nit brightness to deliver information clearly inside the store.

Each side can simultaneously display different content to tailor messaging. For example, brand advertising can be shown on the window facing display, while the internal facing display can highlight product information.

The Samsung displays measure just 70mm wide, seamlessly blending into the store environment, while the embedded MagicINFO Player S6 streamlines content management to easily update assets as required.

The Samsung Pro Display solution has helped Lotte Duty Free boost brand awareness in Sydney, drive foot traffic and maintain customer engagement in-store.

[1] An IPX5 rating means it can withstand low pressure jets (6.3mm) of directed fresh water from any angle with limited ingress. According to accredited third party testing in a controlled environment. Individual results may vary. Note: IPX5 rating does not mean that the device is impervious to water damage in any situation.