Thoughtful Agency has announced its latest venture, Perform Retail, in collaboration with former CEO of Next Athleisure, Darren Todd. This joint venture introduces a specialised management consultancy service tailored for founder-led businesses, focusing on omnichannel growth and operational excellence.

With over 20 years of experience in retail and fashion at companies including Woolworths and Country Road, Todd brings insights into omnichannel growth opportunities for founder-led enterprises.

“At the heart of our approach lies strategic collaboration with brands, equipping them with the necessary tools and insights to achieve scalability and profitability,” Todd said.

Perform Retail assists clients across critical business functions, providing essential leadership support for transformative growth. As founder-led businesses increasingly seek lean operating structures for profitability, Perform Retail fosters partnerships with clients, complementing Thoughtful’s digital execution.

“For over nine years, Thoughtful has served as a trusted growth partner and digital agency for founder-led businesses, contributing to strategic business planning, merchandise and range development, and beyond,” Thoughtful Agency and Perform Retail co-founder, Prav de Silva said.

“Establishing Perform Retail with Darren as our ideal partner allows us to extend our capabilities into a standalone venture, empowering founder-led businesses to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.”