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Published on Tue, 01/05/2012, 05:59:19



Toshiba TEC Australia has launched two simple and yet powerful specialty software solutions for the discerning retailers. The Sellwise Pro software package for those who require a customer database and the entry level Cash ‘n Carry software package for smaller and simpler retail businesses.

Sellwise Pro is a powerful retail management suite designed to help retailers take control of their businesses. Sellwise Pro includes a fast, flexible, and easy to learn point of sale interface that is directly integrated to a powerful back office management system. It includes a customer database that gives retailers the ability to maintain rich, dynamic data on their customers and their buying patterns. Inventory control is a snap with a highly configurable inventory layout, automated purchasing and re-ordering, vendor management and built-in cycle counting. Easy to setup and manage multiple pricing options, promotions, layaways, kits, item matrixes, serial numbers and much more.

Cash ‘n Carry is our entry level product aimed at smaller, less complex businesses. Like Sellwise Pro, it includes a fast, flexible and easy to learn point of sale interface and is directly integrated to a powerful back office management system. Retailers who opted for Cash ‘n Carry package will get all the powerful POS and inventory control features found in the Sellwise Pro minus the customer database feature. This simplifies the user interface so that retailers can get their customers in and out as quickly as possible.

Key features of both POS software:

  • Customisable point of sale
  • Multi-Touch POS with custom layouts
  • Integrated accounting options and accounts receivable
  • Configurable POS hotkeys for fast lookups
  • Automated messaging and upsell functions
  • Built-in tag and label designer
  • Powerful item, department and vendor reporting
  • Automatic item and customer tracking

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