Published on Tue, 06/12/2011, 03:26:44



  • Increase Productivity
  • Decrease Risk
  • Improve Expenses

LeaseEagle creates a centralized portal for information management, analysis and reporting, makes administration more efficient, reduces business risk and will help your team save money on your cost of occupancy.

In a post GFC economy where growth is not what it once was productivity becomes the focus for improving bottom line performance. For retailers the cost of occupancy is not only their second largest expense but often considered the most unproductive, to the point where the cost of managing it is not ‘worth it’.
Retailer real estate is not only expensive but for tenants has inherent legislative, contractual and commercial risks that should be managed appropriately to protect the company’s interests. In a business people come and go and as a result quality information systems are required to protect the business.

LeaseEagle is the single solution to meet your business’ demands. Many of Australia’s leading chain retailers rely on LeaseEagle to get smarter about managing their retail locations.

AUS - 1300 887 609
NZ - 0800 398 101



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