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Published on Wed, 03/11/2010, 02:33:55


Press release by SLI Systems

SLI Systems, provider of on-demand, intelligent search services for e-commerce and digital content sites, today announced the availability of SLI Mobile, a hosted solution that helps retailers and other online businesses quickly develop mobile web sites to capture growing numbers of visitors with mobile devices.

 The new SLI Mobile features an advanced search and navigation capability and powerful product page creation capacity, built on the company’s unique learning engine.

SLI’s new mobile solution is compatible with all major e-commerce mobile device platforms, and simplifies the development of mobile sites so businesses can meet the growing need for users to find product and other information and make purchases from their iPhones, BlackBerrys, Androids or other devices. For its existing customers, SLI can utilise product data already in its possession and deliver a mobile site with search and navigation functionality, as well as product pages, in just a few days.

Rapid and user-friendly site search is a critical element of mobile commerce, given the limited screen size and typing functionality of mobile devices, and varying data speeds from mobile providers that can hinder the search experience and deter users from completing various activities. To counter these challenges, SLI Systems now offers a lightweight, mobile-optimised search and navigation interface that can be customised to fit the standard website’s branding and design. SLI Mobile also includes expandable refinement options, which help mobile device users quickly narrow down search results to find the products or content they seek.

“The mobile commerce market is poised to explode in the next year, yet many online retailers are not prepared to meet the demands of customers who want to shop with their mobile devices,” said Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems. “In our recent survey of e-commerce business managers, 80% said they had not yet created a mobile version of their website, yet 83% are already seeing traffic from customers who come to their sites via mobile devices. It’s clear that retailers need to act quickly to bring their business to the mobile market if they want to take full advantage of shoppers on the go.”

While SLI’s mobile commerce survey from earlier this year revealed that most retailers aren’t prepared to meet the demands of the mobile market, the survey also showed that online retailers do recognise the importance of coming to market with mobile options for their customers, with 60% of online retailers surveyed believing a mobile commerce strategy is very important and 70% planning to launch an m-commerce strategy within the next two years.

In addition to SLI’s advanced search and navigation features, SLI Systems’ new mobile offering also includes thumbnail product images that are optimised for fast delivery on mobile devices, even for users who are not accessing data via fast mobile networks. It also integrates with product rating and review solutions, as well as social media content, to give visitors an easy way to view additional information that can guide their purchase-making decision.

SLI Mobile also helps e-commerce companies launch their mobile sites more quickly by powering mobile product pages. Like site search, these product pages can be customised to match branding and site design. SLI uses a website’s existing site search product data feed to create the pages, and can also be implemented as a mobile app to further streamline the mobile shopping experience.


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