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Published on Sat, 12/12/2009, 10:00:00


The Power of Retail Design is the ultimate lay-mans guide to planning & designing your shop, written by the industry expert who's completed more than 1000 retail projects over 20 years.

This newly released edition of Mark Muller's retail design manual is a complete step-by-step guide to designing retail stores. Recently expanded and updated, this book now contains more than 170 pages of information, diagrams and full colour pictures explaining in detail Mark’s strategic retail design process.

In The Power of Retail Design you will learn how to:

  • understand your business brand
  • develop your Retail Design Master Plan
  • select the right display for the right product
  • arrange fixtures to improve traffic flow and eliminate dead areas
  • apply customer psychology to increase the average spend
  • create the right image & mood for your selling environment
  • position store lighting without complex mathematical calculations
  • integrate a signage programme that makes sense and gets read
  • reduce theft without spending thousands on electronic equipment

Plus hundreds more tips & tricks for increasing your sales and improving your business.

Read what others had to say about Mark's book:

"At last! The mysteries of effective store design and space management clearly, concisely and logically explained. If you own a store, or have responsibility for key aspects of store design, you really, really need to read this.
Stephen Ogden-Barnes, Australian Centre for Retail Studies, Monash University.

"Very interesting, no-nonsense book that applies to all businesses, not just retail."
Nick Nichles, CEO NSW Lotteries.

"Whether you're a corner store, coffee shop, or car dealership, Marks insights into the nuts & bolts of shop design are invaluable for both the novice and experienced retailer."
Ian McDowell, Sunshine Toyota QLD.

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