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Retail groups call for PIN patience amid the no-signature frustrations

The two major retail industry groups have today pleaded for patience from both consumers and shops as credit card signatures are phased out and PINs become mandatory.

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Take an exclusive look inside Birkenstock's groundbreaking retail store

Birkenstock Australia's flagship showroom and head office has been the Building Design of the Year by the Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV).

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Retailers and customers should be ready as credit card PINs become mandatory

By the end of October 2014, at the end of a 3-month transition period, all credit card transactions requiring verification will require a PIN to be entered to complete the purchase.

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Say goodbye to the till! Retailers can go Tillless with new sales app

Sales no longer need to stop when closing your store at the end of the day thanks to a new Australian-made app that gives merchants the ability to sell items from their physical store even when it's closed.

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How retargeting and affiliate marketing helps retailers follow customers

SPECIAL FEATURE: New online tricks mean retailers can follow potential customers around the internet, continuously encouraging them to return to make a purchase. It's called 'retargeting' and can be polarising.

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Williams-Sonoma on global expansion and why Australia is such an attractive targ

Although it is satisfied with its experiment in regional franchising, Williams-Sonoma has decided to focus on global expansion programs based on subsidiaries.

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RetailBiz Guide to events, expos and conferences in 2014 & beyond

Click here for our constantly updated guide to all the events, conferences and expos in the retail industry in 2014 and beyond.

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Exploring the art and science of successful omnichannel retailing

The future is bright for bricks and mortar retailers who integrate technology into their store processes while still connecting with consumers on an emotional level, says Dr Nadia Shouraboura, a Soviet-born mathematician turned omnichannel retail pioneer.

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Good news and bad greets modest CPI increase for June 2014 quarter

The announcement today of a modest rise in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is likely to lead to the Reserve Bank (RBA) keeping interest rates on hold on the first Tuesday of next month (August), according to leading analysts and economist.

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ARA welcomes carbon tax repeal and predicts stronger consumer confidence

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) has welcomed the abolition of the carbon tax, which was repealed after being passed by the Senate 39 to 32.

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Suppliers and retailers warned to pass on Carbon Tax savings; repeal praised

The ACCC has greeted the repealing of the so-called Carbon Tax by warning wholesalers and retailers of their legal obligation to pass through savings caused by this removal onto the customer.

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Clothing from $4 (!) now in the Mix at Coles supermarkets

Clothing is big business in the mass channel, as evidenced by Mix Apparel drastically increasing its ranging this week through Coles supermarkets. Mix is now in 50 new Coles outlets, bringing its total store count to 132.

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Australian retailers nominated for major gongs at World Retail Awards

Several local retailers have been honoured this morning with nominations in the 2014 World Retail Awards, an annual celebration of physical, online and omnichannel retailing held in Paris, France.

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OP/ED: Under-developed retailers must invest to understand customer behaviour

The multiplication of touchpoints for retailers and customers to connect — from social media, catalogues, online sales to bricks and mortar stores — means brands can be closer to their customers than ever before.

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Retailers praise new Free Trade Agreement with Japan

With 126 million people, Japan is the 10th biggest country in the world and its US $4.8 trillion GDP makes its economy the world's fourth largest (behind the United States, China and India).

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Arrrr! Penny the Pirate sails in to OPSM for new kids eyesight campaign

OPSM is looking to raise awareness of children's eye health through a new marketing campaigned headed by powder blue Penny the Pirate.

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Your Voice Counts! Take part in POPAI and GfK's shopper marketing survey

Retail marketing industry body POPAI and sales analyst and data specialist GfK have teamed up to launch the first Australian and NZ Shopper Marketing & Industry Survey in three years.

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