The online go-between site for customers and companies has been officially launched.

uVent is a website that let’s unhappy customers vent, share and publicise their customer service experience across six categories: finance, telco, utilities, insurance, auto and airlines. 

uVent then works as a facilitator to notify the appropriate companies about user vents for resolution and if the problem is resolved then the vent will go public.

Anthony Mittelmark, founder of uVent, said the website will help improve customer service in the long-term.

“We’ve had the uVent idea for eight years now, but we knew it was important for companies to take social channels more seriously before we could launch and get traction,” he said.
“While Facebook and Twitter have been decent ad-hoc solutions to improving your experience with a brand, the mediums have their limitations for consumers are not specifically designed for issue resolution.”
“Australian consumers want to air their grievance, get a response, and then move on. This is often a very lengthy process. That’s where uVent steps in. Instead of waiting on the phone for hours to resolve an issue with a company, customers can now post a Vent, and let uVent and the market place work together to resolve the issue or provide an alternative!”

uVent already has retailers like PayPal, NRMA and Qantas realising they’ll have to step up their game in order to reverse the negative experiences of some customers.

“Many companies are already getting involved in the process of uVent and becoming acquainted with the advantages that uVent offers specifically that uVent provides an interface to the consumer intention economy,” Mittelmark said.
“Others like Telstra and Optus, have publicly announced that they preferred their customers to engage through traditional channels. This tactic only drove more of their customers onto uVent.
“We are maintaining a balance between Venter and Resolver by offering great benefits to both sides.”