Bunnings has come in the list of the top ten favourite household brands as recorded by Nielsen in the latest edition of Superbrands Australia.

Joining Bunnings is also Arnotts, Bonds, Cadbury, Colgage, Google, Dulux, Mortein and Nestle.

Peter Richardson from Superbrands Australia said the Superbrands survey conducted by Nielsen has provided depth to the brand research and review processes for the next edition of Superbrands in Australia, ensuring that only the most popular consumer brands qualify as Superbrands.

“Superbrands pays tribute to the strongest and most valuable brands in Australia today. Sheer size doesn’t cut it, and neither does a unique product offering. To be a Superbrand requires the consistent management of the company’s values, beliefs and product quality – not just at the factory or head office – but wherever the brand touches a consumer.”

For these brands to win the war for consumers, it’s clear that consistency is key. To be listed in the Superbrands Australia top ten,shows that all brands face a challenge to remain relevant, stay trusted and provide real value, so that they continue to be at the forefront of consumer perception.

“Strong brands share common traits; they deliver the inherent value that consumers desire and expect from them to fulfil their ongoing needs. Repeated positive customer relationships and experiences, nurtured and grown from consistent and effective marketing effort and investment, greatly contribute to establish the desired perception and brand qualities over time,” Peter Cornelius, managing director, media for Nielsen Australia, said.

The survey was conducted between May and August 2011, covering more than 90 consumer products and services categories.