According to a recent survey conducted by Nielsen Online, on behalf of, 250,000 retail purchases resulted from a consumer seeing an item promoted on throughout July. This is a 25 per cent conversion rate of Lasoo users going from using the site to research sales items before heading in-store to purchase.

Fifty three per cent of website visitors actually visited a particular retailer’s store, website and/or contacted the retailer that they saw on the site. 

The survey – conducted among 930 visitors during July 2008 – also reveals that among those who go on to make a purchase from a promoted retailer, almost all of them do so within a week of visiting, and two-thirds have made their purchases within three to four days.

Visitation to more than doubled between May and June of this year and saw well over one million visits in July. Eighty percent of site visitors stated that provides them with value by listing retail sale items and offers. Close to two thirds of visitors say that they will definitely visit the Lasoo website again and more than 60 per cent state their intention to return to the site on a weekly basis.

 “Consumers are clearly using the internet to research the latest offers prior to making a store visit and we want to make it quick and easy to search while helping them save time and money in store,” says Paul Marshall, executive director of

“Here at, we recognise that the internet is a major influencer of consumer purchases. While consumers have the option of purchasing online, the majority of shoppers are turning to the internet to ‘pre-shop’, seeking information and price comparisons on products, before heading into the store to make a purchase.

“Consumers now begin the shopping process before they interact with the retailer in store – this means that retailers need to be engaging with them early in this process and allows them to do this. This research demonstrates that ‘pre-shoppers’ who are exposed to websites such as ours may be among the most valuable customers for a retailer,” says Marshall.