Consumers are becoming more shop savvy, according to eBay, which found that those who used their phones to compare prices saved an average of $595, totaling $2.9 billion in 2011.

Deborah Sharkey, eBay vice president, said smartphone technology has empowered consumers to determine their own shopping experience.

“Retail purchases have been assumed to sit in one of two camps; offline or online, but this distinction no longer exists. With portable shop windows sitting in consumer’s pockets, Australians are more empowered than ever before to research products and get the best possible price before completing their transaction,” she said.

“Traditional retailers must embrace a multi-channel strategy as Australians increasingly use smartphone technology to blur the lines between online and offline shopping.”

The research also found that while mobile phones are being used to both research and purchase items, 37 per cent of consumers did it while look at the product in a physical store and 44 per cent who researched a product using their mobile still typically purchase in-store

At the same time 46 per cent of smartphone users said they will use their mobile device more frequently to research this year’s Christmas presents