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Online sales may only be a small percentage of the overall retail spend in Australia, but new research suggests online shopping is outpacing the in-store experience.

According to data from a survey commissioned by CouriersPlease, over half of Australian shoppers (56 per cent) spend more with a single online store compared with a single bricks-and-mortar retailer. A further 23 per cent spend the same amount across both channels.

Millennials spend the most online versus in-store compared to other demographics. Of respondents in their 20s and 30s, 71 per cent spend more online. This figure decreases to 53 per cent of those in their 40s, and 39 per cent of over 50s. Only 21 per cent of all respondents spend more in-store than at a single online store.

When asked why they spend more online, the main reason given was greater choice (19 per cent) along with browsing from the comfort of their home (15 per cent) and more frequent or better sales (11 per cent).

Returns the main online shopping headache

Although Australian shoppers appear to be purchasing more online, they remain dissatisfied with the returns process. In fact, returning an item was seen as the number one online shopping issue for 30 per cent of respondents. Shoppers said they believed retailers should make the process easier by providing returns packaging (29 per cent) or covering some of the cost (27 per cent).

CouriersPlease COO Hoy Yen Hooper said the survey results show retailers need to improve the online shopping experience.

“Consumer expectations around delivery and returns are changing, and retailers need to keep up with these preferences to be able to offer a high-quality, full-circle service that also includes a reliable and seamless process for shoppers to return unwanted and unsuitable goods.”

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