The omni-channel shopper is now among us, a survey from AMP Capital Shopping Centres (AMPCSC) reveals.

The Shopping Intent Report, which tracks spending habits of more than 1,000 shoppers across 19 categories, show shoppers are basing purchasing decisions on a seamless combination of an average of four online and traditional mediums.

But it appears traditional mediums still triumph over online influencing purchasing decisions.

The medium with the highest level of influence on shopper purchases remains the colour catalogue, which is preferred by more than third (37 per cent) of respondents. This is apparent even amount younger shoppers, with 28 per cent of 18-24 year olds and 30 per cent of 25-34 year olds nominating the catalogue as their first preference.

This was followed closely by television (34 per cent) and letter box drops (30 per cent).

“While we’ve been observing the rise of the omni-channel shopper for some time, this latest report really confirms the trend. For a retailer to be successful today, it’s essential to invest in the ‘magic’ of the bricks and mortar experience, while also replicating this magic to the online world,” Belinda Daly, head of shopping centre marketing of AMP Capital Shopping Centres, said.

“Australian retail has been slow to adapt to the new omni-channel consumer, but we are increasingly seeing big-hitters like Myer, David Jones, Big W, Target and Coles invest in e-commerce. The message is clear – shoppers want a seamless experience and it’s our responsibility, as landlords and retailers, to provide it.”

However, consumer behaviour changing as the report reveals the growing importance of online research to shoppers in the product selection process. The top digital influencers are search engines (24 per cent), retailer websites (19 per cent), email alerts from daily deal sites (17 per cent), professional product review sites (17 per cent) and manufacturers’ websites (16 per cent).

Surprisingly, social media only 8 per cent of those surveyed said social media networks like Facebook affected their purchasing decision. But this rose to a quarter of the ‘next generation’ of shoppers.

According to Peter Kelly, managing director of directional insights, the latest report shows consumers are expecting an ever-more integrated experience:

“To really engage with the omni-channel shopper, retailers must create superior customer experience and exhibit consistent brand values across all touch points.  It’s a demanding environment fuelled by consumers who seek the best – whether service, price, product or experience,” he said.

“It’s also clear that retailers need to ensure their social media presence is robust enough to capture the next generation, while also maintaining investment in traditional media.”