By Grant Shepherd

According to Adrian Mullen, the creator of E-commerce Websites, traditional bricks and mortar retailers must be prepared for an influx of mobile shoppers if they want to compete in the growing online shopping arena.

Mullan has come out warning retailers that they must take action soon, or risk missing out on almost 70 per cent of Australians that are expected to make mobile purchases in the future.

“While figures show a smaller percentage of people actually buying on their phones at the moment, the majority of people research products on their phones before making their purchases on their main computer,” he said.

“Even if customers don’t currently buy from their phone, you need to have a mobile site that makes it easy for them to get the information.”

Mullan said that a recent study demonstrated that Australians spent $155 million online via their mobile phones in 2011, therefore it is an area that needs to be capitalised on.

“Retailers need to be aware of the changing trends in consumer behaviour in order to put the systems in place to capture sales from their target markets.”

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