While Retailbiz reported that post-Christmas sales were going well, retail trading towards Christmas was not so fortunate.

The Australian Retailers Association’s (ARA) week-by-week tracking of retail trading during the Christmas period has found that the final week leading into Christmas Eve over 45 per cent of retailers were trading worse than the same time last year.

ARA executive director Russell Zimmerman said in a statement that retailers who were hoping for a substantial last minute rush of Christmas shoppers were largely disappointed in the final days leading into Christmas.

“ARA Christmas trade projections of $39.9 billion (modest 3.5 percent growth) look likely to be met although the Christmas trade started extremely slowly in November after the last interest rate hike forced many retailers into early sales mode,” he said.

Retailers comparing trading from 19 to 24 December 2010 to the same time last year said almost 42 per cent were trading above; over 45 per cent were trading below while over 12 per cent were trading the same as last year.