Responsys, together with Econsultancy, have conducted their first cross-channel marketing report that shows a snapshot of how global companies are integrating mobile into their marketing and advertising campaigns in 2012.

The report found roughly on a third of companies use the mobile web (35 per cent) and/or use mobile apps (31 per cent) as part of their marketing efforts.

“Mobile still remains a low priority for many organisations, with around two thirds yet to integrate it into their marketing strategies,” Simon O’Day, Responsys Asia Pacific vice president, said.

The finding also showed QR codes are the most favoured form of mobile advertising channels to encourage consumer interaction. This was selected by half of those surveyed over app-creation, m-commerce, mobile optimised email or SMS.

“It’s encouraging that half of the marketers are using QR codes, however, the jury‘s still out on whether consumers will continue to engage with them in the long-term,” O’Day said.

“To drive ROI, marketers need to develop mobile strategies which include more sophisticated technologies such as apps and mobile optimised emails.”

As for how businesses are determining how to target their mobile advertising messages, 80 per cent of businesses said their decisions are location based.

“While uptake is still in its infancy, geotargeting will become a huge growth area for marketers over the next few years. We are already seeing brands successfully using social data to profile and target consumers on Facebook with significant results,” O’Day said.

“It’s an exciting time for marketers who have a wealth of untapped revenue streams on social networks to explore.”

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