Obtaining a high sales figure is always crucial to retail operation but it can’t happen without ensuring good customer service.

A survey by Roy Morgan has ranked which non-food retailer has been able keep customers smiling and which has not.

Topping the customer satisfaction list was footwear chain outlet The Athlete’s Foot at 90.9 per cent. This was closely followed by Borders at 90.6 per cent and the ABC Shop at 90.4 per cent.

On the other end of the spectrum was Fantastic Furniture at 66.1 per cent. In December last year, the ACCC alleged it was supplying bean bag covers that did not comply with mandatory consumer product safety standards.

The survey also showed that chemist and music stores kept customer satisfied with 89.6 per cent while book stores ranked third at a close 89.3 per cent. But sport stores were the worst performing store category in customer satisfaction at 81.3 per cent.