Select media attended one of Sydney’s finest art galleries, as LG showcased its latest addition to its door-in-door refrigerator line-up. The design of the refrigerator, which includes a CustomChill™ drawer, was based on the company’s latest consumer insights on food trends and food waste.

“LG recognises the importance of minimising food waste in Australia. Our Door-in-Door refrigerators with CustomChill™ Drawer are designed to keep your ingredients fresh.” LG Australia Home Appliance marketing manager, Jennifer Osborne (pictured above) said.

“The Door-in-Door design helps to reduce temperature fluctuations that occur whenever the refrigerator door is opened, while the CustomChill™ Drawer helps keep certain foods at their optimum temperature.”

The LG Door-in-Door feature helps to reduce cool air loss by up to 41% compared to opening the full door. The LG CustomChill™ Drawer allows users to choose a temperature, independent from the rest of the fridge, and select a pre-set temperature from -1°c to 5°c depending on the food type.

With exclusive LG patented technology, the ice maker is built into the refrigerator door to maximise shelf space.

Australians have become more health-conscious compared to ten years ago, with more thought being put into the origin of their food, dining in and cooking more internationally inspired meals, which have helped reduce the amount of household food waste.

More than half (60.4%) of Australians surveyed said they cook for themselves and/or their family at least five times per week, with 34.4% admitting that quality was number one when it came to choosing fresh foods. In addition, more than half (52.1%) of Australians said they eat more fruits and vegetables.

This story first appeared in Appliance Retailer.