Research show there is a growing number of Australian homes who have access to internet-connected television (33 per cent) than tablets (31 per cent), according to a report released by Nielsen.

The annual Australian Connected Consumers report found internet-connected TV anticipated in 2013 signals a major opportunity for marketers and advertisers to broaden their reach through new channels.

Melanie Ingrey, co-author of the Nielsen report and Research Director, Media, Nielsen APMEA, said there is growing potential and opportunity for marketers and advertisers to deliver content through new channels that have never before been utilised.

“Australians are becoming increasingly connected to devices which are changing the way they consume content and can be served content,” she said. “Where consumers once only had access to content through traditional channels such as print, broadcast TV and radio, growth in access to new technology such as smart phones, tablets and internet-connected TV is driving a media revolution and blurring traditional definitions.”

Ingrey also pointsout the former definition of ‘online’ is a thing of the past. “The latest report explores the new ‘new media’ environment where consumers increasingly have a range of connected devices at their disposal, often simultaneously. What’s more, the mobility of these new devices facilitates online media access across a range of locations and situations, providing brands an opportunity to cut through the noise and engage consumers at the right time, in the right place.”

The data also found for the first time ever, Android has taken over iOS as the leading smartphone operating system, with 45 per cent of online Australians utilising Android technology versus 38 per cent using iOS. However, iOS users access more content compared to Android users.