Research has revealed 70 per cent of online reviewers are motivated to provide positive feedback.

Consumer feedback website showed that more than 1800 online reviewers wanted to let others know about how good their experience was or to thank a service provider. Meanwhile only 25 per cent wanted to warn others while the remaining five per cent are motivated by the idea of having their voice being heard.

As for how they want to share their good experience, 58 per cent of those surveyed said word of mouth was their favourite method, followed by social media and online reviews (26 per cent) and only 13 per cent would tell a business directly. founder Fiona Adler said customers have more people power than ever before.

“Evidence suggests that we’re far from a nation of whingers and in fact we’re more inclined to discuss positive experiences with our peers rather than negative – news which I believe will come as a surprise to some small business owners,” she said.

The survey also showed that more Australians are heading online for advice when seeking a product or service. Thirty-nine per cent of respondents said they will look at up to five reviews before they confirm a decision about a business, followed by 26 per cent who are reading three reviews, 16 per cent selecting up to 10 reviews and 8 per cent are reading above 10.

For this reason, Adler said it’s an opportunity for businesses to react and embrace the feedback – positive or negative.

“With so many small and medium businesses out there, consumers are seeking services that stand out above the rest. It would surprise you how influential a review can be,” Adler said.

“All types of reviews, including negative, should be embraced by business owners and never be ignored. You’ve been presented with an opportunity to hear honest feedback. Listen, take the thoughts on board and make it work for your business.”