Bargain savvy consumers are driving the demand for discounts, according to the latest research from Shop A Docket. 

The results of a national customer survey reveal that shoppers are making full use of the coupon culture with 50 per cent of respondents reporting that coupons are saving them up to $100 a month.

Meanwhile, a total of 20 per cent said they have saved over $200 a month – a 12 per cent increase from the previous survey, while a further 4 per cent said they have saved over $500 per month using coupons.

Bob Jurkschat, Shop A Docket general manager of marketing, said the continued enthusiasm for discounts and bargains is likely being driven by economic uncertainty.

“Couponing is no longer seen as getting a cheap deal but rather as a smart way to stretch the household budget,” he said. “The ability to go out to dinner and save money at the same time is now the norm not the exception.”

The survey also revealed that household spending levels had fluctuated slightly since the previous survey.

“In our study, 45 per cent said their level of spending on everything from groceries to clothing, shoes and accessories had stayed the same during the past quarter, a 5 per cent drop on the previous results, “Jurkschat said. “The data revealed 28 per cent had decreased their spending, while 27 per cent reported an increase in their household spend.”

It also appears that online is the preferred method for how coupons should be received and used. Sixty-three per cent of customers preferred to receive their coupons via the increase, which is a 3 per cent increase. Meanwhile 62 per cent of coupons are redeemed online compared to 38 per cent coming from offline.

“The survey confirms that the majority of shoppers want to see discounts when purchasing groceries, takeaway food, restaurants and even travel services and entertainment. Furthermore, the results indicate many shoppers will try a new product or service if they’re given a discount coupon as an incentive,” Jurkschat said.

“Ultimately, this research delivers good news to retailers, especially smaller businesses; using a cost-effective discount coupon channel is an effective strategy for getting the attention of new, local customers in this highly competitive environment.”