Over a half of Australians have started their Christmas shopping earlier this year compared to last to make the most of increased choice and low prices, an eBay research revealed.

A third claims they started Christmas shopping in late October as two thirds (66 per cent) admit they prefer to plan ahead and do research before buying gifts. This is compared to one third who prefer to make spontaneous gift purchases. 

Sandy Culkoff, eBay Spokesperson, said the motivation for shopping ahead of time is to get the best prices.

 “It pays to get in there early and snap up bargains. Researching and making purchases online before the Christmas rush allows for more considered and thoughtful gift choices as well as leaving plenty of time for delivery if sourcing presents from an online retailer,” she said.
“eBay research found that Australians are shopping early across all channels. 92 per cent of Australians will shop offline for Christmas, including three out of four at shopping malls, while two out of three (64 per cent) of early shoppers will buy online or via their mobile.”

The study also showed women, especially mums, are the most organised compared to men when it comes to Christmas shopping. In particular, 33 per cent of young men admit to leave shopping until the very last weekend.

Furthermore, 14 per cent of shoppers won’t bother with Christmas shopping until the day before.