A study from Canon has highlighted technology advancements will be one of the biggest single change organisations will go through in the next ten years.

In the ‘change or be left behind’ report, 43 per cent of business leaders said technology will play a significant role as Australian organisations go through changes in their business. This was over and above other areas such as general company changes (19 per cent), people changes (18 per cent) and wider economic/legislative changes (18 per cent).

Craig Manson, Canon business imaging director, said everything within the Australian business environment is changing but technology by far will be the biggest.

“But this is not about implementing technology for technology’s sake. Organisations need to take the time to look at how their business is evolving and growing, working out how technology can align with the business, changing it for the better and making it more competitive,” he said.

The report also highlighted that despite the surveyed businesses agreeing change was important (86 per cent and that their business will be left behind if they don’t address (73 per cent), only 39 per cent of Australian organisations will embrace it and only 49 per cent twill take a proactive stance on change.