Big W and Target rated equal with five stars in overall customer satisfaction, according to the latest from consumer ratings agency Canstar Blue.

This shows discount department stores are giving online and premium outlets a run for their money.

Results were based on the responses of 2247 consumers who had made a purchase from a discount department store in the past six months.

Canstar Blue’s Rebecca Logan said 76 per cent of respondents said they find cheaper goods of comparable quality at discount department stores and they refuse to pay more for similar items elsewhere.

“It has never been more easy for consumers to shop around. Consumers are looking to make every dollar go a little further, and yet, we know from our past surveys, they’re savvy and they’re reluctant to compromise too much on quality,” she said.

“When it came to quality, half of our respondents went so far as to say they didn’t see a difference between the quality of products from discount, and more premium, department stores.”

The survey also showed 69 per cent of respondents spend a greater proportion of their disposable income at department stores than online shopping and while 27 per cent shop at discount department stores for the flexible lay-by options they offer, 9 per cent of people never return to collect their lay-by.

Despite high satisfaction levels with the quality offered by discount department Stores, 47 per cent did think the quality had reduced lately as a result of increasing competition and lower prices.