Ninety-eight per cent of Australians are searching for local retailers when it comes to online shopping, research by MasterCard shows.

MasterCard Australia country manager Andrew Cartwright said this will be welcoming news for local online retailers but it will only happen as long as the price right.

“People shop online for so many reasons – the convenience of shopping from your desk, the efficiency of getting it done without the crowds, the seemingly endless range,” he said.

“But increasingly, the public is doing their Christmas shopping online because they are seeing very serious cost savings to be had. This study shows that consumers want to shop locally, if they can get the same value they get from overseas retailers.”

The study found Australians shop locally for two main reasons – fast delivery and trust.

“59 per cent of the people we asked said faster delivery was a key driver to ‘buy Australian’, while 46 per cent said it was important to deal with retailers they know and trust,” Cartwright said.

“So local retailers have the advantage over overseas competition in delivery and after-sales service but international online retailers are overwhelmingly favoured when it comes to price.”

Meanwhile, 85 per cent revealed they are promoted to shop overseas because it’s cheaper. Nearly two thirds of respondents also claim overseas online retailers offer a better range.

“Aussies love a bargain, and should have the freedom to shop around and secure the best deal possible. The price obstacle is a difficult one to overcome for local retailers, but competition is the key delivering customer satisfaction to Australians,” Cartwright said.

The study also found the top of the wish list for online shoppers this year is books and DVDs, with nine in ten Australians considering an online purchase in the category this Christmas.