Apple products have reclaimed top position as the most searched items, according to Getprice’s March online shopping index after slipping in January and February.

The top three searches on Getprice in March were the iPod touch, the iPad and the iPad 2, with the iPhone 4 also ranking 15th on the list.

Director of product and marketing at Getprice, David Whiteman suggests that the return of Apple to Getprice’s most searched list is no coincidence.

“We expected to see Apple products higher up on our list again with the release of the iPad 3. Looking at the results of the Index, I suspect that bargain savvy shoppers were looking to snap up discounted iPads and iPad 2s, with the older generation iPad prices naturally expected to drop due to the introduction of a new model into the market,” he said.

The Samsung brand saw a rise popularity according to the Index. The Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Tab have increased their rankings on Getprice, appearing in the top 15 search terms.

“It’s interesting to see an increased interest in Samsung products. The Apple vs. Samsung smartphone and tablet war is a very interesting one to watch,” Whiteman said.

The index also leisure related searches were in style this month, with days cruises taking out 13th position on the most searched terms list on Getprice

Whiteman also said that it’s also no accident that e-book readers, such as the Amazon Kindle are trending on Getprice.

“With a large array of books being turned into films recently, such as The Hunger Games, Girl With A Dragon Tattoo and The Help, consumers are catching the reading bug and I think this is being reflected in the increased interest in e-book readers,” he said.