By Grant Shepherd
According to a recent research report Apple is ranked number one in terms of consumer satisfaction among smartphone manufacturers and LG Electronics leads the pack when it comes to traditional handsets.
J.D. Power and Associates has compiled two studies that measure consumer mobile phone satisfaction, the ‘Consumer Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Study – Volume 1’ and the ‘2009 Wireless Traditional Mobile Phone Satisfaction Study – Volume 1’.
The results of both studies are measured on various aspects such as operation, physical design features, battery function and operating system (for smartphones).
The results highlighted that Apple ranks highest with smartphone users with a score of 791 on a 1000 point scale. LG Electronics and Samsung followed closely behind with scores of 772 and 759 respectively.
Other interesting findings to come out of the smartphone report were that 40 per cent of users claim entirely replacing landline calling with mobile phone calling and they send an average of 17 emails per day on their phones.
In terms of traditional handsets, LG Electronics ranked the highest with a score of 733, Sony Ericsson followed with a score of 712.
Other key findings are that traditional mobile phone users pay on average $28 less per month for their wireless service and $111 less when they initially purchase their mobile phone, compared to smartphone users.
Overall the report highlighted that satisfaction with smartphones is constantly on the rise whereas traditional mobile phones have remained steady from last year’s results.