Aussies are hitting the web as well as the shops this Christmas with research showing 85 per cent of internet users are now shopping online.
Launched today, the Getprice Shopping Report revealed many Australians are set to see a range of books, DVDs, technology, sports and travel products when they open their presents this Christmas with the items being the most popular goods shopped for online at the moment.
The report also revealed TVs, mobile phones and laptop sales are set to boom further with respondents saying they are the top products they plan to buy themselves over the next three months.
“The Getprice Shopping Report shows Australian consumers are more determined than ever to see their dollar go further this Christmas,” said Getprice CEO Chris Hitchen.
“They are savvy, researching and comparing products online before parting with their hard earned cash and completing a purchase online or stepping into a store.
“Items like DVDs, books, technology, sport and travel products are extremely popular  this Christmas and we can expect to see the boom in TVs, laptops and mobile phones continue into the New Year as consumers plan to buy themselves a gift in the next three months,” he said.
The report also found Australians want to be informed and desire the ability to research products online before completing their purchase, with 83 per cent of the respondents deeming the ability to research products online prior to going to the shop as useful.
Price is the most critical factor in the purchase decisions for shoppers both offline and online with 93 per cent saying it was important and influential in their purchase decision.
The ability to do price comparisons online was sighted as the most valuable factor for 78 per cent of online shoppers.
While 75 per cent of respondents said convenience was an important reason for making an online purchase, one third said their decision to complete an online purchase was driven by their preference to avoid crowds.
“According to Nielsen Netratings there are now 14.1 million Australians online,” said Hitchen.
“The Getprice shopping report shows an estimated 11.98 million Australians are now actively shopping online. Fifty-one per cent of these shoppers spent more than $200 over the past three months alone – presenting a huge market and growth opportunity for Australian retailers.”
The study conducted by and research company Core Data examined the current buying behaviour of more than 1,000 Australian consumers and the expected spend throughout the Christmas period.