More than 8 in 10 (82%) Gen Z Australians believe they should be more conscious about making sustainable fashion choices such as thrifting, selling at a marketplace, or upcycling clothes, according to a new survey by social media platform, Yubo.

Almost three in four would pay more for sustainable and/or ethically made clothing knowing that it’s helping a brand make a difference. Prior to purchase, 29% don’t check if a fashion brand is sustainable or ethical, while 28% review the brand’s website and 16% review their social media.

Aside from sustainability, half of Gen Z get their fashion inspiration from influencers or content creators on social media, with just over half purchasing new clothes or accessories on a weekly basis.

And bricks-and-mortar stores are not dead to Gen Z with 70% of those surveyed saying they visit a physical store or secondhand store to invest in fashion, while less than one in three shop online or via online marketplaces such as Facebook.

Yubo CEO and founder, Sacha Lazimi said the results from the Yubo poll in Australia were interesting because although Gen Z are so digitally connected, almost three quarters are making an effort to support fashion retailers by physically visiting their stores to invest in their wardrobes.

“It has been such a challenging time for the world and it’s inspiring to see that the next generation are leading the charge to support local, aiming to make sustainably conscious fashion decisions – it is a positive sign,” he said.