As the world deals with the devastating ramifications of climate change, the case for carbon neutrality is more urgent than ever. Though many brands these days have a sustainability program, few have taken the steps to ensure their supply chains are carbon neutral.

The collective impact of every brand offsetting their greenhouse emissions is too powerful to ignore. It’s no longer about whether businesses can afford to be sustainable, but whether the planet can afford them not to be.

As a business that aimed to be carbon neutral from the start, eco stationery brand Left-Handesign makes sustainability look simple.

Carbon neutrality will soon become ingrained in business as consumers push brands to minimise their environmental footprint.

According to Nielsen, 66% of global consumers are willing to shell out more for sustainable goods. Sustainability is an issue that affects us all, which is why we are committed to ensuring the highest standards of certification.

Brands can begin their carbon neutral journey by:

  1. Measuring their carbon footprint. This encompasses every aspect of the business’ operations from manufacturing to transportation. Organisations like Trace Australia, Carbon Positive Australia to name a few can assist with this.
  2. Identifying areas where emissions can be cut. Travel for example is equivalent to 203 shipping containers of pollution. This has the added advantage of cost savings across the supply chain through reducing waste, using more energy efficient manufacturing processes and embracing innovation. 
  3. Offsetting emissions through a variety of certified climate programs such as reforestation initiatives, conservation programs, renewable energy and more.

Brands may be surprised to find the steps towards carbon neutrality are relatively straightforward and that they may already be doing some of these things. Being a carbon-neutral company is more than just a tagline, it’s a commitment to a more sustainable future. 

Our aim is to inspire other businesses, small or large, to embark on their own journey toward sustainability. We believe that each one of us has a role to play, and it begins with taking that first step.

We are passionate about sustainability and doing what we can to minimise harm to our planet through waste reduction measures like recycling and avoiding unnecessary travel. Going carbon neutral is the logical next step in our sustainability journey.

Radhika Mayani is founder of Left-Handesign.