Australians are becoming increasingly aware of the affects of plastic on the environment and the number of businesses moving towards more sustainable options is gaining traction.

According to Hero Packaging, it is one thing to be aware of plastic problems and another to take mindful steps towards eradicating plastics from everyday life.

“An easy way to make this possible is to work with businesses and suppliers who take steps to use plastic-free packaging in Australia. At the same time, as a business owner, you should reduce your dependency on plastic by identifying alternative solutions,” Hero Packaging co-founder, Anaita Sarkar says.

“At Hero Packaging, we offer customers a wide range of compostable packaging options that do not have any harmful effects on the planet when disposed of in the compost bin. They can decompose and become fertiliser for plants. There is a choice between regular mailers of various colours to compostable padded mailers for products that require protection in transit.”

By providing plastic-free packaging in Australia, brands gain loyalty from customers who are making sustainable choices, according to Sarkar.

“Sustainable choices in your business set you up for a brighter future. One of the ways to make your business more sustainable is by choosing plastic-free packaging with materials that can break down without leaving toxic traces,” she says.

“You have the opportunity to become one of the first businesses in your market to adopt sustainable packaging solutions and your business will automatically gain a reputation in the market. It will also add more value to your brand as customers begin to show a visible inclination for sustainable businesses.”