Leading producer of sustainable secondary packaging solutions, PakTech, is launching in Australia, enabling the food, beverage, and consumer goods industries to respond to growing ESG pressures and consumer demand for sustainable packaging and practices. 

Embracing an entirely circular economy model, PakTech is the leading manufacturer of 100% recycled and recyclable secondary packaging. Later this year, using its proprietary technology, PakTech will have the capacity to manufacture 100 million recycled injection moulded packaging handles for cans, bottles and other containers, annually within Australia. 

Having experienced significant organic growth in Australia in recent years, the company is now establishing an on-the-ground-presence, with a contract manufacturing facility in Victoria and proprietary partnership with Visy. PakTech’s existing local customers include Hawkers Brewery, Billson’s of Beechworth and The Apple Press.

Commenting on PakTech’s arrival in Australia, CEO Brandon Rogers said, “Conscious consumerism is flourishing, and pressure from consumers around the world is forcing brands and retailers to rethink their approach to sustainable packaging. Sustainability and the circular economy is no longer a competitive differentiator, it’s an expectation. 

“Australia’s buying habits are similar to ours in the US. We’ve seen significant organic growth in recent years; and we forecast that will continue in the coming years. Establishing an on-the-ground local footprint in the region is incredibly exciting; not only for PakTech, but for our customers and everyone in Australia who cares about sustainability and our impact on the environment.”