Global Fashion Group (GFG), parent company of The Iconic, has become carbon neutral across its operations and outbound deliveries including the use of 100% green energy in its fulfilment centres in Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, the CIS and Southeast Asia.

GFG offset emissions by purchasing high quality carbon credits from certified renewable energy projects located in China, India and Brazil, where its operations and own-brand suppliers are based.

Now 100% of GFG’s fulfilment centres are sourcing renewable electricity achieved through The Iconic ANZ shifting to a renewable electricity provider in 2020 and purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for the group’s fulfilment centres in Latin America, the CIS and Southeast Asia.

GFG has published its 2020 Climate Report which includes the company’s commitment to setting science-based targets. The report presents GFG’s 2020 carbon footprint, its carbon mitigation strategy and key focus areas in the transition to lower carbon ways of working. It builds on GFG’s 2020 People & Planet Positive Report issued in March to outline the company’s sustainability strategy and progress on 2022 commitments.

GFG chief sustainability officer, Jaana Quaintance-James said it is exciting to announce carbon neutrality of operations and deliveries to customers, as well as green energy sourcing for all fulfilment centres.

“We have reached an inflection point as a global community whereby the impetus for the transition to a low carbon economy is undeniable. We recognise there is much work ahead of us to reduce our footprint and therefore formalising our carbon mitigation strategy is an important step to support our transition. While the purchase of offsets and renewable energy certificates will not distract us from true reduction efforts, they mark an important milestone in GFG’s journey,” she said.

The Iconic CEO, Erica Berchtold said the team is proud to have achieved this sustainability milestone as a global group and be the first major ANZ multi-brand fashion, sports and lifestyle retailer to claim carbon neutrality.

“Being a responsible corporate citizen is integral to who we are and to be part of a group equally committed to pioneering environmental progress adds significant impact to achieving a more sustainable future for not only The Iconic, but our broader ANZ retail ecosystem,” she said.