A leading provider of remote connectivity and workplace digitalisation solutions, TeamViewer has announced the integration of TeamViewer Frontline Augmented Reality (AR), an SAP endorsed app, into SAP Digital Manufacturing to optimise manufacturing performance on the shop floor.

Customers can now leverage TeamViewer Frontline’s AR-based workflow solutions to increase productivity and reduce errors in the manufacturing process by allowing for hands-free work.

Engineers and production line workers can view all relevant information displayed in the workers’ field of view, resulting in fewer errors, less downtime, increased safety, and faster onboarding. Effectively harnessing the power of new and emerging technologies to ensure a constant flow of data between the worker and SAP Digital Manufacturing allows the analysis and improvement of processes, improved visibility, and the ability to track and enhance performance.

In addition to operational benefits, heavily regulated industries like manufacturing can profit from the sophisticated tracking-, compliance- and quality-control-mechanisms. 

SAP chief revenue officer of digital supply chain, Bernd Brandl said, “Today’s macro-economic challenges require businesses to thoroughly evaluate each of their processes. Companies implementing solutions that cover the whole value chain, from design to operate, have the edge in efficiency and sustainability by analysing and optimising data flows along the entire value creation. TeamViewer’s latest integration helps build more efficient and resilient manufacturing processes that can deliver the best outcome while can adjust quickly to external shocks.” 

TeamViewer executive vice president business development, Alfredo Patron added, “Our goals align with those of SAP; driving innovation, supporting workers skills, increasing productivity and growth in the manufacturing industry through cutting-edge technologies.

“With the integration of Frontline into SAP Digital Manufacturing we are able to deliver an end-to-end AR platform for SAP’s customers. TeamViewer Frontline improves manufacturing processes with step-by-step instructions for workers on the shop floor, warehouses, as well as in the field. Incorporating this with our existing integrations, data flows and process optimisations across the supply chain deliver a more connected and skilled workforce.” 

The integration of TeamViewer Frontline into SAP Digital Manufacturing follows existing integrations into SAP Extended Warehouse Management, SAP Intelligent Asset Management, and SAP Field Service Management.