Sportscraft has become the first Australian retail group to partner with digital platform, Retraced, which offers full supply chain transparency.

The partnership allows Sportscraft to fulfil its commitments to sustainability by giving brands, suppliers and customers transparent tracing of garments from raw materials to finished product. Retraced maps a product’s supply chain as a series of networks and stakeholders with the aim of visibility, accountability and true collaboration. Suppliers and brands see the same data, encouraging improvement across the board.

Retraced co-founder, Philipp Mayer said, “There’s no due diligence without transparency, which means having visibility of processes, practices and conditions along the supply chain and the openness of stakeholders to share this information.

“Traceability plays a crucial role in achieving transparency as it is the foundation for collecting additional information surrounding human rights, assessing associated risks and implementing corrective and preventive actions.”

As early adopters of 3D design and visualisation tools, Sportscraft has been working to minimise production waste and lead times for the brand and supply partners. By introducing digital traceability, Sportscraft can accelerate this shared supply chain visibility.

Sportscraft general manager, Haylie Sullivan said, “Sportscraft has been one of Australia’s most trusted fashion and lifestyle brands since 1914. We’re proud to extend that trust through this partnership as one of the early adapters to more sustainable methods. With an assurance of not only quality but transparency, this partnership will allow Sportscraft customers to shop with confidence, empowered with the knowledge that they are supporting ethical practices.”