Delivery platform, Shippit has enabled Apple Wallet Order Tracking, allowing shoppers to track online orders and receive real-time delivery notifications, securely and privately in Apple Wallet.   

The integration of Apple’s Order Tracking solution enables thousands of Shippit retailers to provide customers with simple, secure and convenient delivery updates and order tracking.  

Shippit chief product officer, Inga Latham (pictured) said, “Retail delivery anxiety is real. The volume of retail purchases that are made online has grown steadily over the last five years, and we expect it to grow exponentially over the next 10 to 20 years.

“The integration of Apple Wallet Order Tracking represents an opportunity for us to further reduce pressures on retailers that are fielding a torrent of calls and emails from customers, by proactively alerting consumers with real-time delivery information to their iPhone. Consumers demand transparency and convenience, and through this integration, we’re continuing our mission to deliver that.

“Shippit pioneered the standardisation of delivery notifications in Australia via SMS and email back in 2014 through our trusted tracking solutions. This integration now allows retailers on our platform to offer peace of mind and build greater trust with customers through the added security and privacy of Apple Wallet. Everything we do is to reduce friction between retailers, shoppers and carriers to ensure better delivery experiences.”

By simply clicking the ‘Track with Apple Wallet’ button within email notifications from a merchant who has enabled Apple Wallet Order Tracking, shoppers can track orders by adding them to Apple Wallet. If they make a purchase using Apple Pay, their order will be automatically added to their Wallet at the point of order confirmation, and they will receive notification updates.

Baby Bunting CEO and managing director,Mark Teperson said enabling Apple Wallet Order Tracking is a great next step in the evolution of Shippit’s delivery platform.

“When our customers order from us, they not only expect that they will get an amazing product, but it will be in their hands when we promise it to arrive. This is especially true for expecting and new parents – so we’re excited to be able to offer this transparent and easy-to-use tracking solution to our customers,” he said.

R.M. Williams head of digital, Emily Anders said the company is always looking at ways to innovate and differentiate not only the digital and in-store experience, but the last mile experience too.

“For our customers, an iconic R.M. Williams boot is a meaningful purchase, and we want a delivery experience that matches that. Through Shippit’s integration of Apple Wallet Order Tracking, we’re now able to provide the convenient, transparent and timely delivery that our customers deserve.”