Last-mile delivery platform, Shippit has announced a strategic partnership with eBay Australia, providing access to best-in-class shipping and fulfilment solutions and services to thousands of sellers.

For the first time, sellers with freight that is traditionally hard to handle will have the same shipping optionality as anyone else. Currently, eBay sellers can access a labels platform that enables them to quote, print and pay for labels for items up to 22kg. 

Through the new integration with Shippit, eBay sellers will be able to access a solution for heavier, bulkier items such as hardware, furniture and electronics. In the last financial year alone, 2.7 million deliveries over 22kg were shipped through the Shippit platform. 

The partnership enables eBay sellers to ensure seamless post-purchase experiences with automated and reliable tracking notifications and dedicated delivery support, access flexible and fast fulfilment solutions to streamline pick and pack workflows, and centralise controls and access to leading and specialised carriers plus exclusive delivery rates.

Shippit chief commercial officer, Chris Weaver (pictured) said, “We’re incredibly excited to partner with eBay, bringing the power of Shippit’s last mile platform to its retailers who are looking to maximise their customers lifetime value, while not sacrificing operating margins.

“Shippit is a mission-critical part of the ecommerce tech stack for retailers, small, medium and large. Our data shows retailers with multiple carriers grow faster, and we’re excited to be able to provide those capabilities to eBay sellers in Australia, many of whom are small businesses.

“We’ve spent the last nearly-10 years building the industry’s most advanced shipping and fulfilment platform. But as the industry evolves, so too must Shippit. That’s why we invest heavily in research and development, and in partnerships and integrations. Partnering with eBay today – as well as Wix, Shopline, Uber and all those that will follow – is an endorsement, from the industry, of our mission to shape the future of retail and bring retailers, carriers, and consumers closer together.”

eBay Australia head of shipping and trust, Marie Griffiths added, “At eBay, we are committed to delivering the most value possible to our sellers and that is why we selected Shippit to help power last mile delivery. Together with Shippit, our sellers are going to be able to build trust with their customers by meeting the delivery promises made. We can’t wait to see our sellers capitalising on this partnership.”