A partnership between Australia’s largest online retailer of delivered flowers and gifts, and a courier technology platform, has seen both companies experience growth.

Roses Only started using crowd sourced courier company, Sherpa in 2015 to fill gaps in its own delivery service and now relies on Sherpa for thousands of deliveries a week, and in turn allowed each to open in new markets and improve their technologies.

Roses Only CEO, Kelly Taggart said the synergistic relationship of product and service has allowed them to leverage off each other and grow year-on-year.

“Sherpa provide a fast and reliable delivery service to supplement our own drivers, and as we promise same-day delivery it’s important we can count on them to get our orders to our customers intact and on time,” Taggart said.

“Their software is very easy to use, and as we are an online company that strives for the same best customer experience, we have both shared our technology challenges and evolved based on feedback to help improve each other’s offering.

“We’ve also been able to open in a number of new geographic markets based on this relationship – we need a quick and professional delivery service, and they benefit from the volume of deliveries we give them.”

Sherpa CEO, Duncan Brett said flowers are a very particular product to deliver and is proud to have formed a partnership as Australia’s number one on demand delivery provider to deliver at scale, across multiple cities on the same day for Australia’s number one online florist.

“Roses Only is a very important customer for us. We take very seriously their need for a premium carrier of sensitive and high-risk goods for their customers,” he said.

“Roses have to arrive in immaculate condition, and very quickly, Roses Only pride themselves on providing the best product, and Sherpa prides itself on providing the best delivery experience. We both do our jobs very well, meaning the end customer has an amazing experience and returns for a repeat purchase.

“We have a close relationship with Roses Only, and this is particularly true in the preparation both teams do together around specific events like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. When volume spikes around key events, having close collaboration is a prerequisite for success. 

“The teams work closely together in the lead up to these dates and that always works very well. We find the Roses Only team very good to deal with; both teams are obsessed with the same thing – the customer experience and that’s what makes our collaboration so successful,” he added.