Leading producer of 100% recycled and recyclable multipack packaging solutions, PakTech has collaborated with Endeavour Group as it commences local manufacturing in Australia through a contract manufacturing facility in Sydney and a proprietary partnership with Visy.

The news comes as PakTech’s range of multipack beverage can handles sold in Australia has been assessed as recyclable through the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) ARL program. 

Through the collaboration, PakTech and Endeavour Group will expand Endeavour Group’s closed loop recycling scheme, which seeks to collect recyclable PakTech clips throughout select Dan Murphy’s outlets, encouraging the recovery, recycling, re-use of PakTech can handles.

PakTech and its network have the capacity to manufacture up to 75 million recycled multipack beverage can handles annually within Australia. Locally, PakTech’s existing customers include Asahi, Billson’s, Hawkers Beer and a host of craft beer, seltzer and wine manufacturers. In the US, customers include CPG companies like Pepsi, KraftHeinz and Johnson & Johnson.

Commenting on its arrival in Australia, PakTech CEO, Brandon Rogers said, “This is an important milestone for PakTech and environmentally aware consumers. We’re now able to fulfil our vision of made in Australia, recycled in Australia, and repurposed again into new products in Australia.

“We’re thrilled to be teaming up with a champion of sustainability such as the Endeavour Group. They, like us, know the importance of sustainability and are willing to take action. As we look to promote the circular economy and tackle single use plastics in Australia, there is no better organisation to do it with than the Endeavour Group.

“Conscious consumerism is flourishing, and pressure from consumers around the world is forcing brands and retailers to rethink their approach to sustainable packaging. Sustainability and the circular economy are no longer competitive differentiators, they’re an expectation. We’re thrilled to join forces with the Endeavour Group and formally commence manufacturing in Australia.”

PakTech products are manufactured with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) used to make various milk bottles, detergent bottles and toys. Through a recover, recycle and remanufacture process, PakTech and its network seek to maximise collection of used materials, which are sorted, cleaned and processed through various facilities. The materials are then repurposed into new products.

Endeavour Group circular economy sustainability manager, Sarah McElholum added, “Endeavour is proud to be collaborating with PakTech to support the continued recycling and re-use of PakTech products. PakTech products play a great role in the re-use of plastic from products such as milk bottles and cream jars.

“We’re also continuously working to improve the recyclability and re-use of our beverage packaging for our customers. Our collaboration with PakTech, along with our cork collection and wine bottle divider recycling schemes within stores such as Dan Murphy’s give our customers another chance to help avoid landfill and give packaging another life.

“Endeavour supports the development of a circular economy: It’s better for the planet, important to our community and customers. We’re working to understand and improve the way we manage waste and make sure our packaging is sourced sustainably, meets customer expectations of quality and durability, and can be recovered, recycled and used again.”

By using 100% recycled material, over approximately one billion recycled milk bottles have been collected, shredded and extruded into pellets to create PakTech products globally – equivalent to 63,000 tonnes of plastic saved from landfills and oceans, and 54 acres of land saved from landfill waste by repurposing recycled containers into PakTech products.