Australian-founded beauty brand, Oz Hair & Beauty has expanded its partnership with shipping start-up, Starshipit, to automate a range of manual processes and instead focus on business growth. Within the first six months, there has been a 100% increase in orders without the need to hire additional staff. 

“From removing unmanifested parcels to decreasing address error returns, Starshipit has enabled us to operate more efficiently, allowing us to direct our energy into improving the services we offer our customers,” Oz Hair & Beauty chief operating officer, Guy Nappa told Retailbiz.

“As a direct result of the integration, we have added same day and Saturday delivery options at check-out, expanded both domestic and international courier partnerships, and scaled at a pace we never could have imagined.”

WithStarshipit’s technology and software capabilities, the branded tracking page means Oz Hair & Beauty can display products and promotions during the transit time between dispatch and arrival. 

“The Starshipit API also allows us to personalise the customer journey and enhance the overall experience from desktop to doorstep. The team at Starshipit are proactive in solving issues and working with myself and my team to offer the best service possible,” Nappa said.

In the lead up to Christmas, the Oz Hair & Beauty team will harness the reporting features within Starshipit to closely monitor delivery time frames and ensure they match up with indicated ETAs. “By following this closely, we will be in a position to quickly adapt our operations to keep a seamless customer experience.”

Starshipit has been working with Oz Hair & Beauty for nearly five years to help speed up their shipping and fulfillment internal processes and enrich their post-purchase experience using branded tracking pages.

“Before Starshipit, 12 to 15 staff worked in the warehouse at one time, and after integrating with Starshipit, Oz Hair and Beauty still have the same number of warehouse staff. We’ve grown a lot and we get three to four times more orders per day. To be able to reduce our staff by almost half is such a big benefit,” Starshipit founder and CEO, George Plummer told Retailbiz.

“One of the main goals at the start of the partnership was to secure repeat purchase. To achieve this, Oz Hair and Beauty used Starshipit to customise the delivery experience, creating branded tracking pages that kept their customer informed at every step of the delivery process.”

Communication has been a major focus for Starshipit during the pandemic because of the importance of retailers keeping their customers in the loop about their orders at all times.   

“We empowered retailers like Oz Hair & Beauty around this time to improve their post-purchase experience. We developed content explaining how tracking notifications operate and the significance of this valuable feature,” Plummer said.

“Retailers who keep their customers informed throughout the post-purchase experience see benefits, such as building customer loyalty, and reduction in the number of “where is my parcel” enquiries, as customer expectations are more managed.”