To help organisations improve the inventory count process, Oracle NetSuite has rolled out NetSuite Smart Count, an inventory counting solution that enhances efficiency and accuracy of inventory management.

“Inventory counts are an important check-and-balance that ensure records are accurate, but without the right tools in place, they are often expensive, labor-intensive, and time consuming to conduct,” Oracle NetSuite senior vice president for product management, Gary Wiessinger said.

“With NetSuite Smart Count, we are automating the entire process for our customers so that they can quickly and easily validate inventory records to help ensure inventory availability, optimise inventory levels, and return to doing what they love – running their business.” 

NetSuite Smart Count simplifies and automates inventory processes. It conducts inventory counts live without freezing transactions in the entire location, helping minimise interruptions that impact operations.

Key capabilities in NetSuite Smart Count include:

  • Administrator Control: Helps organisations manage counts without disrupting sales byenabling administrators to choose what happens if the on-hand quantity changes for an item during the count process.
  • Advanced Visibility: Helps organisations automate the count process by providinglists of items that need to be counted using predefined criteria, business rules, and key drivers.
  • Automated Recounts: Helps organisations minimise unnecessary replenishmentby automatically triggering a count to check the accuracy of a given bin if the inventory level falls below the reorder point.
  • Centralised Information: Helps organisations efficiently manage the cycle counting process by providing visibility into all the items due to be counted in a location.
  • Mobile Access: Helps organisations increase count accuracy and minimise time required to complete counts by using a handheld mobile device and barcodes.