This year, Modibodi will donate 100,000 pairs of leak-proof underwear globally to those in need as a commitment to help end the rising issue of period poverty – the lack of access to period products leading to school and work absenteeism and reduced participation in social activities. 

In Australia alone, over one million women are at risk of experiencing period poverty with 47% of girls and women across 160 countries experiencing more difficulty in accessing period products during the pandemic, according to recent research.

As a brand driven by limitless positive social impact, Modibodi CEO and founder, Kristy Chong said the company is focused on ensuring their efforts are making a bigger impact than ever before. 

“Modibodi is determined to support people with lack of access to, or limited funds for, menstrual or incontinence management products. This is why we are pledging to donate 100,000 pairs of undies to 20,000 people in need and to work with select partners to ensure the initiative is delivered correctly,” she said.

“We know that our customers are deeply supportive of Modibodi’s goals with their generous support of our ‘Give a Pair contribution at checkout’, and so this year we’re raising the bar on our commitment to help end period poverty on a global scale.”

Ahead of its pledge to donate leak-proof underwear, Modibodi announced the launch of its latest innovation, the 7/8 Recycled Active Leggings, designed for comfort and protection while working out.

Modibodi’s tights are not only a win for a weak pelvic floor and periods, but also the environment. Crafted from 78% recycled material from pre-consumer factory waste, these leggings eliminate the need for any disposable sanitary items.   

Breathable built-in 3mm modifier technology is accompanied by super-absorbent, stain, odour, and bacteria-resistant lining with the leggings holding two to three tampons worth of flow.
Available as part of Modibodi’s range, the 7/8 Recycled Active Leggings are available now in sizes 8/S to 18/2XL for RRP AU$99 from