Menulog has introduced a new service for Australian businesses – Menulog for Business. The new service allows employers to give their staff a digital allowance for food spending via Menulog during workdays.

Menulog services more than 93% of Australia, making the new Menulog for Business a relevant proposition for all businesses, particularly as companies adopt hybrid working models and allow staff to work remotely.

“Employee retention is becoming one of business’s biggest priorities, particularly amid workforce shortages. With a growing appetite for attractive benefits packages, we’re thrilled to help Australian businesses bolster their workplace appeal through Menulog for Business, and it also helps incentivise more spending among our local restaurants as the industry continues to rebuild post the pandemic,” Menulog managing director, Morten Belling said.

“At Menulog, we have been growing our partnerships with grocery and convenience sites around the country, and therefore employees using Menulog for Business can choose to use their allowance among local grocers and restaurants.”

Menulog began testing the offering among its own Australian employees earlier this year. 

“This is a benefit I am grateful for as it helps me create more balance in my day. The time I’d usually spend meal-prepping is now used for more time at the gym or walking my dog and I’m saving money on my meals,” Menulog key account manager, Rachel O’Loughlin said.

Menulog for Business is easy for employees and employers with no complex expense management required. Businesses simply receive one clear invoice at the end of each month.