L’Oreal has announced it will make all of its packaging sustainable in a new partnership with the Better Packaging Co. 

The multi-national company on Friday announced it will send all of its products out in zero-waste, fully recyclable and photodegradable packs.

The partnership with the Better Packaging Co is part of the company’s pledge to reduce plastic waste worldwide under its Sustainability Commitment, which will see all of its products have an improved environmental or social profile by 2020.

The news will see the retailer drastically reduce its environmental footprint, using 100 per cent recyclable satchels.

Director of The Better Packaging Co. Kate Bezar said the company’s product line was aimed at making it easier for company’s to embrace sustainability.

“We developed the Better Packaging Co. for exactly this kind of collaboration,” she said.

“We make it simple for companies like the L’Oréal group to directly substitute their current packaging for more sustainable alternatives.”

The packaging is made from limestone off-cuts from the construction industry and turned into packaging using only renewable solar power, no water, acid or bleaches and generating no waste or greenhouse emissions.

Last year, Loreal replaced virgin materials with 8, 705 tonnes of recycled materials (PCR), an increase of 19% on 2017.