Only 2% of the millions of people employed in the logistics industry globally are female, according to B dynamic Logistics co-founder and managing director, Mal Siriwardhane.

“This is a shocking statistic and one that we are proudly turning around here at B dynamic Logistics,” he said.

“Global statistics indicate that there are clearly troubling reasons why more women have not gained employment in this fast growing and dynamic sector. There is no doubt that due to the male dominated nature of the industry that women find the environment intimidating – making it challenging for them to enter the sector, let alone, feel accepted and valued.

“There is also a definite lack of awareness around what specific roles and opportunities are available to women in the sector.”

Boasting over 25 years of experience in project management, logistics and channel development globally, Siriwardhane understands logistics and ecommerce better than most.

“At B dynamic Logistics, nearly half of our workforce consists of women. We also have women in leadership and managerial roles and expect this number to keep rising,” he said.

“In fact, as far as I am aware, we have the highest number of women in our workforce percentage wise of any business in the logistics sector in Australia – and I am very proud of this. We are working hard to increase this number even further.”

B dynamic Logistics customer care and inventory lead, Jay Protacio is one of the company’s leading female managers.

“For years I have worked in other industries, mainly in customer service roles. Since joining B dynamic Logistics, it is like a new world has opened up for me,” Protacio said.

“Logistics is a fast paced environment which is completely customer driven. Everything we do is about delivering the best customer experience possible. In my role, it is my responsibility to manage inventory levels, ensuring that any adjustments and investigations involving inventory are processed and completed correctly.

“What I love about logistics is that there are so many opportunities for progression. I started in a customer service role and am now a supervisor. The environment has challenged me and helped me to grow rapidly mentally and physically. I absolutely love it and am continually learning.”