Australian furniture and mattress retailer, Koala Furniture has selected RELEX Solutions to optimise its supply chain as it looks to scale and enter new markets.

By automating manual processes, the online retailer can improve forecast accuracy, streamline planning and promotions forecasting, and free up teams for more value-add activities, while ensuring continuous visibility across the supply chain.

Koala Furniture will be using a range of solutions from RELEX from demand planning to supply chain planning and merchandising including key functionality for forecasting and replenishment, markdowns, and promotions forecasting.

Koala will also use the RELEX integrated supply chain hub to understand, reduce, and eliminate product availability and inventory incidents before they occur, as well as introduce new products and categories.

Koala Furniture will work with RELEX and its partner, Logic to deploy and integrate these solutions with its existing ERP system. Logic has a depth of experience in working with RELEX customers in APAC, particularly for forecasting and replenishment deployments.

Koala Furniture chief financial officer, Stuart Crichton said, “We share similar sustainability priorities and core values to RELEX, which, made them a natural fit for us. Their unified approach to retail and supply chain planning, along with their AI/ML capabilities, is key as we look to achieve growth across new markets and product categories.

“As we scale our business, RELEX can help us drive efficiency and ensure we are better able to service our customers through reliable, accurate and automated supply chain data.”

With RELEX, Koala can conduct rolling demand forecasting, taking into account trends, seasonality, and external data. They can also conduct promotion planning for new products and markets, as well as manage stock by considering end-of-season and end-of-life items.

RELEX Solutions CEO and co-founder, Mikko Kärkkäinen added, “Streamlining complexity, automating forecasting and replenishment, and improving supply chain visibility will be crucial to Koala as they scale their business sustainably. By leveraging our unified retail planning system capabilities, we are confident we can support Koala’s ambitious growth plans while giving them the visibility they need across supply chain planning processes.”