Super Retail Group, parent company of Revel, Super Cheap Auto, BCF and Macpac, has gone live with Manhattan’s Distributed Order Management solution to help reduce fulfilment costs.

Super Retail Group’s previous online order fulfilment system allocated orders based on proximity to customers without considering the true cost to fulfil. As a result, more than 20% of home delivery orders were shipped interstate at a higher cost, despite the company having the items in stock in the state. Additionally, more than 15% of home delivery orders were split into multiple packages, which also increased fulfilment costs.

As part of its omni-retailing strategy, Super Retail Group migrated to the cloud-based Manhattan Active Omnisolution. Using Manhattan’s solution, the Group is now positioned to fully configure its online order fulfilment to meet the customer promise around time from ‘click to consumer’.

Super Retail Group increased its ecommerce sales by 87% to $237 million in the second half of 2020 with online sales of home fitness and outdoor leisure exploding in Australia.

“In an effort to meet the surge in online orders and meet our customer promise around delivery, we fast-tracked the roll-out of Manhattan Associates’ omnichannel solution in a remote, socially distanced manner,” Super Retail Group general manager of omni-channel retail, Brian Townshend said.

“The resulting solution achieved significant fulfilment savings per order, from day one of operation. When Covid-19 fully hit and many businesses were consolidating projects, we actually sped up the deployment of Manhattan Active Omniand it now offers us a single window of visibility and availability of stock across our entire supply chain network.

“The new system has been able to accommodate major order and fulfilment routing changes within minutes. With the new system, we were able to change our fulfilment logic and immediately reduce fulfilment costs – even achieving our 12-month goal on day one, which is a remarkable result.”

Manhattan Associates managing director for Australia and New Zealand, Raghav Sibal congratulated Super Retail Group on the results they have achieved during a challenging 2020.

“We know at this particular time, just how important it is for this leading Australasian retailer to be able to get the best local and international brands to its customers as quickly as possible, whether it’s via delivery or click & collect,” he said.

“To roll-out Manhattan Active Omni virtually during Covid-19 and then immediately see these excellent results is testament to not only the power of our cloud solution, but also the expertise of our team, as well as the strong partnership between the two companies.”